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The AMA welcomes members from all majors. Once a year dues are $60, which covers membership for a calendar year from the date of acceptance.


Worldwide Resources

Included in your OC AMA membership is membership in the National AMA. Click here to find out about the awesome resources that are immediately available to all OC AMA members.

Leadership Opportunities

AMA Officers and Committee Chairs are selected only from the current OC AMA member base.

Employment and Internships

AMA members have exclusive access to a members-only blackboard site with job and internship postings updated regularly.


OC AMA members are automatically accepted into the Oklahoma City Professional AMA Chapter as well, greatly increasing student networking opportunities.

Annual Conference

AMA members are invited to attend the International Collegiate Conference each year, which is open only to members.

AMA T-Shirt

All members receive an AMA T-Shirt, included with your dues.


  1. Contact an officer or faculty advisor for an application.
  2. Complete the Applicant Information section on the front of the form. In the Applicant area, please write your major, classification, and t-shirt size. Sign the statement of ethics on the second page at the bottom.
  3. If you would like to purchase AMA publications for an additional cost, please make your selection on the front of the form.
  4. Completed applications can be given to any officer or faculty advisor, or to Janell Huntsman in HBC 101.

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